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Archery is a very tough sport to bring to the community and those just starting out.  On top of the expense of having an indoor practice facility, it requires specialized equipment, coaches, logistics, and training.  For these reasons, there are very few successful archery programs available.

Little Hills Youth Archery has succeeded for one very important reason. Volunteers!

Our indoor archery range is owned in full by St. Louis Bow Hunters Club; an all-volunteer, board run club.  Open shoots, tournaments, and leagues are run by club member volunteers.  Our program coaches and support staff are all also 100% volunteer.  We have no paid personnel throughout our entire organization.  Our equipment has been acquired through donation and class fees and kept in top notch condition by our volunteer equipment technicians.

Here are some of the positions it takes to run our club:

Program Coach

USA Archery Level 2 or higher certified instructor.  Oversees the entire archery program to ensure consistency through all classes.  Incorporates high quality training techniques into the program.  May provide more advanced, individualized training plans for members preparing for the next level.

Class Coach

Trained instructor responsible for the operations and training for their class session.  Coordinates assistant coaches and safety monitors to ensure an effective and safe learning environment.  Continually assesses and motivates the progress of every class member.

Assistant Coach

Volunteers who are building their experience through the guidance of the Program and Class Coaches.  Emphasizes specific techniques of safety, form, etiquette, scoring, and attitude.

Safety Monitor

Ensures safe operations down range, on the shooting line, and behind.  Controls the cadence of the class session through whistle commands. 

Program Coordinator

Oversees the logistics of the program including communications, finances, enrollment, scoring history, and volunteer management.  Sets the schedule of operations.  Board member of St. Louis Bow Hunters acting as liaison to the youth program.

Classroom Coordinator

Ensures the efficient operation of the class for everything outside of archery.  Organizes class binders, provides and collects scorecards, collects fees, records weekly scores online. 

Equipment Monitor

Bow technicians and arrow specialists who maintain the training equipment.  Responsible for bows, arrows, arm guards, finger tabs, release aids, sights, targets, tools, and repair box.  Will assist in adjustments for club and youth owned equipment.

Awards Monitor

Aids in tracking achievements and maintaining the award inventory.  Assists in the monthly awards ceremonies.

Scholarship Committee

(pending) Establishes a new college scholarship program for our archery members.  The committee will refine the qualifications, publish the rules and applications, and review the candidates.  The scholarship awards will be based on pre-defined budget and approved by the St. Louis Bow Hunters Executive Board of Directors. 

Venturing Crew Committee

Adult advisory panel to assist the Venturing Crew where needed.  See more information about our Venturing Crew here: